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All booklet come complete with a white 250gsm paper sub-block, please select the type of cover.

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Delivery to the recipient will take 24/48 hours in Italy, 2-5 working days in Europe

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Tickets with barcode and QR code
Tickets with barcode and qr code
Event tickets

Perforated ticket printing

Perforated ticket printing are composed of a stapled ticket stub and a removable perforated ticket.

  • Position of the progressive number free

  • From 1 to 6 rips: while loading the file you set the distance of the perforation

  • Staple binding in blocks of 50, 25 o 10 ticket

  • The printing of texts and images is possible both in the front and in the back

  • The size and resolution of the image file are checked when uploading directly online

  • Graphic service: Our graphic designers will draw up your layouts

  • Low prices and high quality printing and packaging, shipping in 24 hours

Marketing Tips

With our affordable event tickets, we add experience and professionalism to your event, sports event or pre-sale and entry in general.

With our digital color print we value both small and professional events. You can order your tickets online according to your marketing needs, lotteries, seats and other specific events.

You can select one or more perforations, progressive numbering or barcode or QRcode printing with complex encodings or from your database file (csv or exel).

How to create a print-ready file

Send your file in PDF, JPG or TIF format in 1:1 scale.

Always download the template after choosing size and use it as the basis for positioning your artwork: this will make it easier to create a print-ready file. Remember to delete all the guidelines and save the file as PDF, JPG or TIF without crop marks.

All files should be sent in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), with the Fogra 39 colour profile.

The optimal resolution for the print files is 300 dpi (dpi = pixel/inch).

Download the template for the size you choosed, the required bleed of 3 mm will already be correctly set up. Text shoud be placed at least 4 mm.

Template per la stampa

Vector paths should have a weight of at least 0.3 pt. The minimum font size (below which we cannot guarantee perfect print quality) is 6 pt.
We recommend that you do not place frames or passepartouts too close to the margins, as the tolerance in the cutting process may produce a slightly uneven result.

Please note

Download the template

Insert your artwork

Delete all guidelines

Save as pdf,
jpg or tif
  • choose size
  • 3 mm per side
  • choose size
  • 4 mm (see template)
  • set out during file upload
  • 15x5 mm inside safety distance

You choose

    Set out the distance of the perforations from the trimmed left edge during upload (next page).

    Insert code areas where you want inside your artwork, horizontally or vertical, in all sections or only in some sections.
    We recommend a white rectangle with black border of 15x5 mm.

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